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Organised in the year 1919, the Association has completed its 14th year, showing a steady growth in its members and usefulness. Our membership has reached 1256 and Foundation Fund Rs. 1256. It was once a caterpillar, and is now a moth with bright wings. The credit of it all goes to the organiser Mr. S.G. Tangasvami who (as the minutes book so minutely and systematically maintained by him as the first Secretary of the Association) brought this into existence after a good deal of work and worry. The superstructure was built by Mr. Sathia Samuel and Mr. D. Chelliah who successively became secretaries after him. It has now fallen to my lot to share in this work which I have set about to do not without diffidence, but in the confident hope of enjoying the co- operation and good will of the members of the Association. The following are extracts from the miniutes recorded by my predecessor, relating to the celebration of the Old Boy day in 1933.


“Tuesday the 17th October 4.30 P.M. sweets were distributed to Kiddies. “Wednesday the 18th 6 A.M. The Badminton match played between the Old Boys and Home Team ended in a victory to the former. There was a large gathering, nearly 60 in number, of Old Boys in the Holy Communion Service in the previous year’s proceedings and the audited accounts were read and passed.

“Election of office bearers. The Executive committee is to consist of – (1) Mr. M.A.E. Ratnasamy Nadar (2) Mr. Bashseeth Sahib (3) Mr. A.C. Paul Nadar B.A.B.L. (4) Dr. G. Manuel (5) Mr. A.G. Chidambaranatha Pillai, the President, the Secretary and Life members exofficio. Mr. M.V.S. Sundravel Nadar was unanimously elected General Secretary for the year. The sports Sub-Committee should consist of (1) Mr. M.A. Gnaniah (2) Mr. M. Devairakkam (3) Mr. Anbu Abrahams (4) President (5) Secretary. The entertainment Sub-Committee to consist of (1) Mr. Charles Devotta (2) Mr. D. Gnanasiromani (3) T.C. Gnanamani (4) President (5) Secretary, Mr. Sam V. Satya was re-elected local Secretary.

4 p.m. Social, 4.30 p.m. Sports, 5.30 p.m. Football match, (the match ended in a draw) 6.30 p.m. Public meeting. The portrait of late Mr. A. Dawson, who was the Secretary of C.O.B.A. Branch at Rangoon from its inception till his death was unveiled by M.R. Ry. A.C. Paul Nadar Avl., B.A.,B.L. The day’s activities were brought to a close by a Spanish Play (A Proscribed Heir) by the Old Boys whose display of their histrionic talents was a marvel to those present and a model to the present boys of the School”

The public meeting was in the open air and was presided over by M.R.Ry. M.C. Muthukumarasamy Pillai Avl. (Old Boy).

His speech merits reproduction in its full text, but want of space forbids. We, however, give below extracts, “For my part, I cannot think of this School without thinking of its ex-head-master and present Manager Rev. Mr. Gnanakkan, The two always go together in our minds, and what we all owe to the school we owe to him also. He has grown grey in the educational service. More than a father he rejoiced over the success of his students in their after life, as he chastised them to shape their conduct during School days. The three great merits of this institution which always stand before me and which made me feel proud of this School are disciplaine, living and loving contact between teachers and pupils, and love of sports”.

thankfull to the members who have been thoughtful enough to pay their Annual Under chapter of thanks my predecessor has written.

Subscription we are specially grateful to Messrs. M.V.E.K. Nadar Brothers, M.V.S. Sundravel Nadar, P.P.C.M.T. Ponswamy Nadar and A.G. Chidambaranatha Pillai for their annual donations towards scholarships of poor deserving boys” To this list of individual old boy-donors should be added the Old Boy’ Association which has sanctioned an annual grant of Rs. 42 – and this year we have given – for students struggling for higher education.

We are grateful to hear that our Association is to be represented by one member on the Governing Board of the School, to be constituted from January. The election will take place in the same month. Voters should have paid their Annual Subscription for the year (C.O.B.A. Rule No. 7 (b)).

One thing more The Rev. A. Gnanakan, the grandsons of whose students are, we hear, reading in our School, has just retired from the School, and the Rev. W.E. Evans whose love for the School and its Old Boys has never been known to flag, is assuming charge from January 1934 -just at the time when the School passing its 50th year, enters into another stage of life. Now, at the instance of some of the old boys, I am writing to know from you how we should honour him by showing our appreciation of his services and affection towards the School and towards us. The Executive Committee of C.O.B.A. have fixed 12th February for giving him a fitting send off. Suggestions are invited.

I give here under the statement of accounts for the past year. Wishing the members of the C.O.B.A. in the town and elsewhere all joy and prosperity in the New Year


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